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[pullquote align=”left”]It’s clear that Frau wasn’t into relaxed design… it had to be a bit more rigid.[/pullquote]


Umberto is part of the Najs Architects. Najs architects follow the ispiration of the movemnt created by Claudio Cantella, painter and architect himself. Umberto never moves around without his Basset Hound named Rocco; he has been part of several project around Italy and Turkey, his home base is in Florence, but he also has a an art galley in Rivello.

What’s your name and what do you do?

Umberto Albricci, architect and designer.

Describe your day in 20 seconds.

I wake up, check my email, drink a fruit and vegetable smoothie, have a coffee, make breakfast for Elisa, and I bike to work with Elisa and Rocco. Then the work day starts, but I couldn’t explain that to you even in 20 hours.

How did you get started in this career?

Maybe because I didn’t see any other options… I needed to think of a creative future for myself, I always need to create new things… often by not to taking myself too seriously.

What’s an Ewok?


Do you play any instruments?

I used to play the guitar. I stopped in ’98 because as I was playing a song by Lucio Battisti on September 9th, an earthquake devastated the town I where I was. So in the span of 15 seconds I put my guitar aside.

What is NAJS?

NAJS is a cultural movement started by Claudio Cantella, my spiritual father. He’s a great architect and painter. We’re trying to bring the idea of the movement into the field of architecture and design. We start from the main idea of at the core of NAJS, and we try to turn that into projects, doing what we know best… or at least what we think we know best.

What would you do if Basset hounds attacked?

I’d try to ally myself with them. They’re tough, aggressive. I’d go to the stronger side…

What’s more important: aesthetics or function?

My vision lies in the fusion of these two elements. Creating something for purely aesthetic reasons is the sculptor’s job. An architect is a sculptor, but at the same time he also has to satisfy certain requirements, so he also needs to focus on the functionality of the object in question. They’re strongly connected. It’s clear that Frau wasn’t into relaxed design… it had to be a bit more rigid.

Is there a job you couldn’t do?

An undertaker, because I get too emotional.

What place has influenced you the most?

Basilicata, specifically my hometown, Rivello. It’s changed me more than other places I’ve traveled to.

Where is Rivello?

Southern Italy, between Calabria and Puglia.

What does fashion mean to you?

I’m interested in comfort and color. For me the most important thing is to dress according to my mood.

How do you kill a vampire?

A stake to the heart… and there’s something about garlic…and a crown of garlic. The garlic keeps him away, and the stake to the heart kills him. But you have to do it when he’s in a coffin, in daytime.

What is Crossley?