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[pullquote align=”left”]I like art and artistic expression… I like that fashion can be wearable art that people can define themselves with.[/pullquote]


Misty Evans, born and raised in Utah by one of the only Non-Mormon families in the state. She lives and works in Florence for an American PR company as well as a partner in Ossimori, an artistic design line, with friend Jessica a Turner.

What do you do to get going in the morning?
– Crawl out of bed, turn heaters on, make a caffè americano, smoke a cigarette and then I write for about two hours. I have been working on a book of memoirs that I’m trying to finish.

What place would you say influenced you most?
– I would have to say Florence. I grew up in Utah (USA) and did not move around that much. Florence has had the largest impact on my adult life, it defines what I do and how I do it and is also where I met my fiance and my awful poodle Oliver..

How does fashion factor into your life?
– I like art and artistic expression, I like that fashion can be wearable art that people can define themselves with. I like creating things that are a statement for me and a statement for other people to wear. I like how it can be like a portable installation in a way.

If you had a superpower what would it be?
– Telling the future? Or flying! But I’m afraid of heights… so probably not flying…

Name a thing you hate, a thing you love, and a thing that doesn’t matter.
– Hate: The cold, messianic people.
– Love: The summer, the beach, coffee, drawing, my dog, usually my boyfriend.
– A thing that doesn’t matter: Politics, because it doesn’t change anything, unfortunately.

Which show do you remember most?
– I remember them all, a little bit because I remember 1,058 of them, but if I think of one in particular I have to say the ones with Mario Biondi. It has been an honor and a pleasure to have a character such as Mario in my shows. He is a person of great talent and great humility.

In case of a zombie attack where would you hide?
– I have actually had this conversation way too many times with my friends to be healthy… probably in a Sam’s Club, a massive store in the US that has guns and like 5 billion years of food storage.