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[pullquote align=”left”]One of the most complicated things I’ve learned is riding a unicyle… and making people laugh[/pullquote]


Edoardo, artist, juggler, unicyle-rider… a self-described creative freelancer. Inspired by the people he meets and the places he goes, his work changes from one day to the next.

What’s your job?
Juggler. I started for fun with my twin brother, and then my older brother started doing it too. At the beginning it was just for fun, then it became a job. At first it was a way to pay for my vices during university, and then it became a job. I actually do other things too, like paintings, photos…there is also a visual part to my work. I describe myself as a creative freelancer. Today I’ll do performance, tomorrow I’ll make a painting, and the day after that I’ll invent something for someone else.

How do you start your day?

What’s the last thing you do every day?
I add a drawing to this wardrobe, which is like a diary. Every day I add an object, a memory, a person…so I draw something, I read and then go to sleep. You guys can’t see him, but right now I’m drawing the cameraman.

Which is the hardest discipline that you’ve learned?
As far the juggling, acrobatics and the circus part of my work, I think one of the most complicated things I’ve learned is to ride a unicycle. It’s not an immediate skill, it’s tough, and you have to be really determined to learn. And another thing is making people laugh…I think that’s one of the hardest things to do. As for everything else, I don’t think it’s difficult. If you want to learn, you can learn anything, with a bit of determination.

What inspires you?
Definitely Pop Art, Andy Warhol. For now I do a lot of different things, and I need to do them all. One thing influences another. My aesthetic, my taste, I think I have my taste, my experience because of everything that I see and everything that I do. I feel complete by doing all of these things.

If we opened your fridge right now, what would we find?
A bottle of beer, a bit of cheese, some salad, and some fruit.

What kind of music do you like?
I think that adolescence is a fundamental moment for anyone. I listened to punk, ska punk. Pulp? I don’t know who they are.

What place would you say has influenced you most?
I really like traveling, and I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a lot. This year I’ve been to Japan. I’ve also been to Africa, to America, New York. It’s hard to say because all of these places are different and they each fascinated me for different reasons.

Shirt or t-shirt?
During the day, a t-shirt, in the evening, a shirt.

Bye, thanks for listening. And if by chance you’re in the area, ring the bell, and who knows, maybe you’ll end up on my wardrobe too.