• C-Label

    Unconventional Cashmere. A signature material for Crossley is the unconventional use of Cashmere. Thanks to many years of experience working with this precious material, Crossley puts a twist on cashmere and pulls it of f the shelf of old classics, using it in a fun and spontaneous way. Cashmere is one of the bricks of Crossley DNA.

  • C-Denim

    The Others are good, but Our C-Denim is unique. The First Jeans created with Japanese cloth and fully lined with a blend of cotton and Cashmere, hand selected from Crossley Cashmere archive. Croosley C-Denim reflects the need of confort and extreme quality that characterized Crossley design. More than just a simple jeans, C-Denim has been recognized as something that you must simply have in your wardrobe if you are a cashmere buff.

  • Recycled Denim

    Crossley always looks for a sustainable design, that`s why we can create new out of old. To bring life into old garments, worn jeans are broken down into small pieces as second life of a cot ton: like the building blocks for our Crossley's DNA. By adding other fibers produced by innovative use of technologies, we create strong, new yarns.